Dredging Accident in the Mobile Ship Channel

Dredging Accident in the Mobile Ship Channel

Two vessels sank in Mobile Ship Channel north of Gaillard Island, Tuesday while conducting dredging operations in the area, the Coast Guard reported today.

Towing vessel Miss Sammy Lee was the first on the scene of the incident and successfully managed to save both crews. There were no reported injuries.

A Coast Guard Station Dauphin Island boat safely transferred the crewmembers of both sunken vessels from the Miss Sammy Lee to the Dog River Marina.

The vessels involved in the incident were the 52-foot towing vessel Delta Amber, and the 26-foot dredging vessel Nicholas.

Right after the incident, response crews reported a 50 yard by one mile sheen in the area. Crews deployed boom around the sunken vessels, which reportedly contain 2,000 gallons of fuel and lube oil combined. Response crews continue recovery efforts and developing a salvage plan for the sunken vessels.

The Coast Guard is investigating the incident.


October 15, 2014