Picture of the Day: Grab Hopper Dredger SAYURU

Grab Hopper Dredger SAYURU

Self-Propelled Grab Hopper Dredger SAYURU was built by Japanese-based shipbuilder Kegoya Dock for the Ceylon Fishery Harbors Corporation (CFHC).

The design and construction work of the dredger commenced in October 2013 and its delivery will take place, October 18th, ahead of the original schedule. The overall length of the dredger is 49.90m, with a breadth and depth of 11.50m and 3.40m, respectively. The gross tonnage is 624 tons.

SAYURU is powered by twin 625 kw engines. The dredging crane has a boom length of 19.50m with a hoisting capacity of 11.0t.

The vessel is equipped with modern navigation and radio equipment making it one of the most technically advanced dredgers ever to be received by Sri Lanka.



October 15, 2014