Ocean Acoustic Technology to Support Dredging

Ocean Acoustic Technology to Support Dredging

The purpose behind the use of the ocean acoustic technology is to find out real depth of a base port so it could be adjusted to the specified engineering design. Also, the technology shows exact type of seabed material, the geotechnical aspect and the calculation of the volume of material that needs to be dredged.

The role of ocean acoustic technology lies in a survey conducted during the dredging work,” said Dr. Henri Manik Instructor at the Technical Guidance Department of the Port Authority who is responsible for the cooperation between PKSPL IPB and Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation.

In its material of Ocean Acoustic, the expert of IPB revealed that ocean acoustic survey they have conducted covered the positioning survey, the bathymetry (sounding) with a single beam method, the multi beam and seabed imaging with the instrument of side scan sonar and sub bottom profiler.

From the result of the survey, it can be calculated how much of material needs to be dredged. Acoustic backscattering value computation, developed by Dr. Henry Manik, helped to determine the type of seabed material

Ultimately, classification of the base material with the acoustic techniques could save both time and money.

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