Hudson Dredging: Backfilling Continues into December

Phase 2/Year 4 of the Hudson River dredging operations occurred between May 7 and November, 2014. Backfilling will continue into December 2014.

Monitoring is conducted daily for river and Processing Facility operations during the dredging season.

Phase 2 dredging operations will resume in spring 2015.

During Phase 2, the performance standard for noise requires monitoring the sources of noise from the cleanup at the beginning of any operations that could result in increased noise levels compared to Phase 1 operations or compared to previously implemented in Phase 2, or in response to complaints.

It establishes standards for short-term operations (construction, dredging, and backfilling) and long-term operations (sediment processing/transfer facilities).

The standards vary depending on the time of day (daytime or nighttime) and whether the noise occurs in a residential or commercial/industrial area.


Source: hudsondredgingdata