Fund-Raising Begins for Sherwood Lake Dredging

The next meeting of the newly formed group, Friends of Sherwood Lake, will be held on Wednesday, December 3rd, at the Sherwood Town Hall, located in Sherwood Township, Clark County, Wisconsin. The group’s goal is to fund raise for the dredging of Sherwood Lake to improve the lake’s fishing habitat.

Sherwood Lake, a 117 acre lake in a remote area of southeastern Clark County, county owned, is entirely surrounded by public land that makes it a unique treasure in this area. In February, 2014, the lake’s auxiliary spillway failed which led to emptying of the entire lake bed.

Clark County will hopefully be repairing the dam in the near future. With the lake bed currently empty, we have a unique opportunity to remove sediment created by the decomposing of vegetation over many years that has left the lake with a poor environment for fish,” the group announced .

Although Clark County plans to do dam repairs, the County encourages, but does not have funds available for dredging. Friends of Sherwood Lake has created a short term, pass through fund, with the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin, a non-profit foundation, to begin fund raising.

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