Obama GBR Comments Spur Call for Action

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has welcomed comments by US President Barack Obama that the Great Barrier Reef is under threat.

Felicity Wishart, the AMCS Great Barrier Reef campaign director, said the US President’s comments reflect the love people around the world have for the iconic Great Barrier Reef, and the fears millions of Australians have about its future.

It is time for the Australian and Queensland governments to take heed and act decisively, rather than trying to placate concerns by whitewashing international consternation such as that expressed by UNESCO and the World Heritage Committee.

“To do that our governments must stop the rapid industrialisation of the coastline driven primarily by plans for increased coal mining.

“The President is right. The incredible natural glory of the Great Barrier Reef is threatened. It’s threatened by poor water quality, industrialisation and climate change.

“This is not a time to be expanding coal ports, dredging the Reef’s waters, dumping in wetlands, increasing shipping and further harming the health of the Reef.

“This is a time to act to reduce the problems facing the Reef, in all their forms.

“The world’s best loved Reef needs the world’s best protection, not a hollow spin campaign from Australia’s political leaders,” said Ms Wishart.


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