New TSHD Design from HollandMT

On Monday, December 1,  2014, HollandMT, an innovative engineering and contracting company serving international dredging contractors and shipyards, launched a new 500 m³ Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) design.

The dredger, suitable for maintenance dredging of inland and sheltered waters, is specially designed to operated in shallow waters, therefore the minimum vessel draught is limited to only 1.2 m.

Due to its unique hull form, in unloaded condition the dredger has an even trim condition without any ballast water.

The dredger, designed in accordance with the rules of Bureau Veritas, features a single dragarm, direct diesel driven inboard dredge pump, 4 sets of double bottom doors, side-discharge connection, and 4 adjustable overflow valves.

The main particulars of the vessel are as follows:

– L.o.a: 50.4 m;

– L.p.p: 49.2 m;

– Breadth moulded: 11.0 m;

– Depth moulded: 3.0 m;

– Dredging draught: 2.5 m;

– Max dredging depth: 8 m;

– Hopper capacity: 500 m3;

– Sailing speed: 7 knts;

– Accommodation: 3-6 persons.

Engine room for the 500 m³ TSHD is situated in the aft of the vessel. The propulsion machinery is comprised of diesel generator, harbor generator and auxiliary equipment. The dredge- and jet-pump are located in the fore ship and are each powered by a diesel engine.

The hydraulic system is powered via a power take-off of the main dredge-pump diesel engine. The propulsion plant consists of a double shaft arrangement, each fitted with a fixed pitch propeller. The jetwater pump can be used as bow thruster pump and allows easy maneuvering and positioning on the job.Dredger

The wheelhouse and compact accommodation are located in the fore ship and fitted with 3 double crew cabins, a messroom and galley.

The hull is designed in such way that it can be easily fabricated, assembled and launched by local shipyards. In this instance, HollandMT can supply the ship design and ship/dredging equipment package, as well as shipyard support services to assemble and test the dredger.

When it comes to the port maintenance and precision dredging works, the dredger can optionally be fitted with a grab crane on the aft deck and a spud mooring system.

The TSHD 500 m3 provides a very versatile, robust, efficient, economic and easy-to-operate dredging solution for sheltered water applications.

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