Corps Seeks Public Input on Little Sioux EA

A draft environmental assessment for repairs to the Little Sioux InterCounty Drainage District’s flood control works project in Monona and Harrison Counties, Iowa, is currently available for public review.

The draft EA evaluates the environmental impacts of repairing damages to four areas of the project caused by high flows along the Little Sioux River in May 2013.

The upstream portion of the proposed project is located approximately six miles northeast of Onawa, Monona County, Iowa, and the downstream portion of the proposed project is located approximately two miles west of Little Sioux, Harrison County, Iowa.

The flood control works damages are located on both sides of the Little Sioux River with the upstream portion of the project at the confluence of the Monona-Harrison County Ditch and the Little Sioux River and the downstream portion of the project near the confluence of the Missouri River and the Little Sioux River.

Repairs will vary at the four areas and will include repairing concrete buttresses, repairing and resurfacing eroded levees, replacing lost riprap, and constructing a 450-foot setback levee.

Repairs will be completed under the Corps’ PL 84-99 Emergency Levee Rehabilitation Program with the goal of restoring the project’s features to pre-disaster conditions.

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