Norfolk Projects Include Dredging

The City of Norfolk received $1,548,476 from the Virginia Stormwater Local Assistance Fund for several projects throughout the city.

Governor Terry McAuliffe made the announcement Tuesday as part of $21.5 million in grants issued from the fund.

Norfolk’s projects will assist with the city’s requirements to meet the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay TMDL (“pollution diet”) and some may alleviate some localized flooding.

Lake Taylor Retention Pond Retrofit 

Over the course of a three-phased, multi-year project Lake Taylor will be modified to provide improved water quality treatment for the 1,100 acre watershed draining to the lake and eventually to Broad Creek and the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River.

Proposed changes include breaking the lake into several sections to improve sediment settling and removal of pollutants, construction of boat-access weirs between sections to maintain the recreational value of the lake, restoration of 3.8 acres of wetlands, and aeration of the lake.

Roberts Road Retention Pond Retrofit 

The Roberts Road stormwater Pond will be upgraded to provide improved water quality for the 112 acre watershed in the Broad Creek area of Norfolk.

Proposed changes include breaking the lake into several sections to improve sediment settling and removal of pollutants, restoration of 0.35 acres of wetlands, restoration of forest or meadow buffers around the pond, and improved aeration.

Bluebird Park Stormwater Wetland Construction      

A stormwater wetland will be constructed in a portion of Bluebird Park in West Ghent, reclaiming previously forested areas impacted by utility construction in recent years. The project will provide improved water quality for a 15 acre residential watershed and will modify a downstream channel to reduce localized flooding and erosion issues.

The wetland will consist of high and low marsh planting, several deep pools, modifications to existing stormwater ponds, and creation of a wildflower meadow buffer.

Central Business Park Retention Pond Retrofit

The regional stormwater pond in the Central Business Park will be modified for improved water quality to a 22 acre commercial watershed.

Improvements include division of the pond into cells for improved sediment settling and pollutant reduction, creation of 0.1 acres of wetlands, restoration of the surrounding turf to a wildflower meadow buffer, improved aeration, and minor dredging for additional volume.

Dune Street Wet Swale Retrofit

A narrow channel running through a green space off Dune St will be converted to a wet swale for improved pollutant reduction from a 35 acre residential watershed. Improvements include slight widening of a section of the channel, rerouting of an adjacent stormwater pipe to increase the treatment area, creation of small wetland cells, creation of a narrow wildflower buffer along the channel, and planting of additional trees in the open space setting.


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