News in Photos: Nicaragua Canal Official Kick Off Event

Government of Nicaragua, the Grand Canal Commission and HKND group jointly held the commencement ceremony for the Grand Canal of Nicaragua at the House of the People in the capital city of Managua on December 22, 2014.

President of Nicaragua, Mr. Daniel Ortega and Mr. Wang Jing, Chairman and CEO of HKND Group delivered key-note speeches at the conference.

President Ortega said that this important project would bring great benefits not just to Nicaragua but to whole Latin America, and stressed that all work will be carried out in a responsible, efficient and rigorous manner.

He also assured all Nicaraguans that no one would be affected negatively during the construction of the Canal and that all individuals would receive fair compensation for their land. Finally he said that this project belongs to Nicaragua, to America and the world.

Prior to that, special guests and media representatives, along with the 200 Nicaraguan construction workers had participated and witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony of start-up project at Tola, Rivas.

The renovated access road will have the function of facilitating the transportation of large machinery and equipment required for the construction of the port and the lock.

Nicaragua Canal Official Kick Off

Nicaragua Canal Official

Mr. Wang Jing, Chairman and CEO of HKND Group during the speech

Nicaragua 1

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