VIDEO: Wasa Completes Uusikaupunki Dredging

International Maritime Contractor Wasa Dredging Ltd. has completed the blasting and dredging of Uusikaupunki access channel and Yara Port.

Uusikaupunki is situated in the southwestern part of Finland.  The channel was dredged mainly to -14,5 m and most of the Wasa Dredging equipment park was used during the project.

The project consisted of 127 000 m2/m3 of underwater blasting, dredging of 399 000 m3 of blasted rock and 434 000 m3 of hard soil/moraine. Due to increased amounts of underwater blasting the company used the major part of its drilling capacity during the late stages of the project.

Both multipurpose dredgers/drill platforms “Hector” and “Boulder” were deployed to get the bedrock blasted in time, while the company’s new, massive dredger “Optimus” focused on dredging the hard soil and blasted rock, using its 18 m3 heavy duty bucket. In total 6 split barges were used at the site.

There were some challenging aspects with this project. The access channel was deepened in areas through the channels 30 km in length, the outer areas were located in open sea, which made the drilling and blasting vulnerable to rough weather.

The project also included environmental dredging. A rock bank for storing the contaminated masses was built by the company. Dredger “Hector” then cleaned  43 000 m2 of polluted areas using a special environmental clam bucket, the polluted soil was moved into the storage area.

The project in Uusikaupunki was completed according to plan, just before Christmas.

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