Italdraghe at Europort Istanbul

Italdraghe, the long-standing Italian dredger builder, is presenting its BD excavator dredging head at this week’s Europort Show in Istanbul (11-14th March).

The dredging head can be used with all types of hydraulic excavators, either land-based or floating ones.

It is especially suited to work in narrow canals, small reservoirs or harbors where only a few thousand m³ of material needs to be removed and where a full-size dredger would prove impractical or uneconomical.

About Europort Istanbul

Europort Istanbul, the leading maritime exhibition of the Turkish Maritime Sector, is being organised on behalf of the IMEAK Maritime Chamber of Commerce with the cooperation of UBM NTSR International Exhibition and Congress Organisations and Ahoy Rotterdam.

Europort Istanbul 2015 is bringing national and international Shipbuilding and Subsidiary Industries, Ship Maintenance and Repair, Ship Equipment and Technologies, Brokerage, Shipping Line Operations, Maritime and Logistics Technologies, Port Management and Technologies, Port Logistics, Mega Yacht Equipment and Technologies, Ship Recycling, Offshore and Energy, Ship Materials, for Maritime Defence Industries, Chandlering, Life Safety and Equipment and Training & Education companies together for the 13th time.