Jan De Nul Inks Race Bank Contract

DONG Energy signed an agreement with the Jan De Nul Group today for the installation of subsea export cables at the Race Bank offshore wind development project in the UK.

Jan De Nul Group has significant experience within dredging, and has now extended its business into cable installation.

Noël Pille, Jan De Nul Group’s offshore director, said: “The Race Bank project is just the motivating challenge where Jan De Nul Group will make the difference. It needs the utmost ingenuity in developing new methods and designing innovating specific subsea tools to execute the tasks, respecting the environmental constraints.

“Our engineering department is able to design the project specific vessels and tools, making it possible to develop tailor-made solutions for DONG Energy. With its total turntable capacity of 10,500 tonnes, our new cable installation vessel “Isaac Newton” will challenge the current industry standards for the supply and installation of long length cables.

Jan De Nul Group will conduct installation (laying and burial) of the subsea export cables from landfall to two offshore platforms and the interlink between the offshore substations.

There will be 148 kilometers of subsea cable in total. Jan De Nul Group has UK-based operations and the company will look to use the local workforce for service suppliers, site office support and cable installation crew.


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