Hall Contracting Commends Government’s Decision

Queensland-based civil construction and dredging company Hall Contracting has commended the state government on its recent decision to dispose of dredge spoil from the Abbot Point Coal Terminal at the T2 industrial site just weeks after coming into power.

Hall Contracting Managing Director Cameron Hall said environmental concerns surrounding the Abbot Point Coal Terminal had been a hot issue for some time and he was pleased to see Labor taking swift action to move the project forward with the environment as a priority.

Having the spoil disposed of on industrial land as opposed to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area is a great outcome for the project and strikes the right balance between furthering development in the area and preserving the environment,” Mr Hall said.

This proposal provides the most sustainable approach we have seen to expanding the port and I hope to see the approval process commence as soon as possible.”

While the new disposal plans will minimize construction impacts on wetland ecosystems, they will also influence the dredging operations taking place on site.

Mr Hall said the proposed size and shape of the dredge ponds would necessitate a different approach to that required under the former LNP government’s plans.

It appears the new dredge pond arrangement covers a smaller area and has a more constrained shape than those previously proposed so a considered approach will need to be taken to ensure the dredge spoil can be processed efficiently and tail water is constantly monitored for quality assurance,” Mr Hall said.

“It is important that consultation occurs with the Queensland construction industry at all stages of the approvals process to ensure the environmental objectives laid out can be not only achieved but carried out at the highest standard.”

Mr Hall said it was encouraging to see the government focusing on the sustainability of the region and its delicate ecosystems and he looked forward to seeing the project progress.