News in Photos: Negrini Equipment at Work

Negrini company, specialized in engineering and manufacturing a comprehensive range of grabs and buckets for rope machines and crawler mounted cranes, has been active in the market since 1967.

The company’s equipment is very well-known for quality as well as for the very accurate and skillful engineering work; in fact, Negrini supports their clients by analyzing the job to be done and, if needed, by adjusting the standard design of grabs and buckets to enhance their performance once in operation.

Hereby, we are bringing you the exclusive photos of Negrini equipment, used by their customer “COOP SAN MARTINO SRL” for the construction of the MOSE Project in Venice Lagoon.

This equipment is being used on a crane dredger in order to remove sand, gravel and debris from the seabed, and relocate the material elsewhere.







Venice is under serious threat due to the rise in sea level and sinking of land at an alarming rate. The MOSE Project is designed to protect the Venetian Lagoon from being submerged by the Adriatic Sea, protecting the famous city and the neighboring areas from flooding.