KDM to Expand Its Presence in Eastern Hemisphere

KDM Marine International, part of the James Fisher Group, has appointed Faisel Chaudry as Regional Manager for the Eastern Hemisphere.

Focusing on the Middle East, India, North Africa and Asia Pacific countries, Faisel is responsible for opening new markets and managing the company’s equipment stationed in the area.

KDM Marine International offers a proven technology which will significantly reduce costs for companies operating in this region. We will be the key provider of mass flow and subsea excavation services in this major energy zone,” he said.

KDM Marine International’s suite of tools and services include the innovative TwinProp mass flow excavator, a range of SP single prop excavators and suction dredge systems. These tools excavate soils including sand and gravel, rock dump, silt and mud, clay and drill cuttings.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Faisel will be highlighting the benefits of the equipment and services, including the Launch and Recover System (LARS), to the market. The LARS makes operations safer, increases the operational window and makes excavation and trenching safer and more efficient.

Tools will be strategically located in the Middle East and Asia to service the region. Expert teams will also be provided to manage projects on-site for clients.

KDM Marine International became part of the James Fisher Group in July 2014. Its management and offshore teams have more than 16 years’ experience in the subsea excavation industry and is responsible for the completion of more than 300 projects in 40 countries.

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