‘River Morphodynamics’ Takes Place in Delft

The Workshop on Modelling Mixed-Sediment, River Morphodynamics, will take place from May 27-29, 2015, in Delft, the Netherlands.

“In the workshop we will discuss topics that deal with modelling mixed-sediment fluvial processes, covering a wide range of scales. In setting up the workshop program we have focused on enhancing discussion. To this end we have scheduled a limited number of presentations and plenty time for discussion and poster sessions,” the organizers said.

“We will conduct a/some joint laboratory experiment(s) that will be led by graduate students and postdocs. The focus of the laboratory experiment(s) will be discussed before the workshop.”

Workshop topics:

– Sediment supply to the river system (through surface run-off, landslides, bank erosion, tributaries, bed degradation);

– Bedrock incision and mixed-sediment processes;

– Downstream fining, river profile concavity and gravel-sand transition;

– Particle abrasion;

– Granular physics and sorting;

– Bend sorting, mobile and static armor, bedform sorting and their relation to river morphodynamics;

– Grainsize-selective and partial transport, hiding and equal mobility;

– Advances in measurement techniques of mixed-sediment processes (lab & field);

– Advances in mathematical modelling of mixed-sediment morphodynamics;

– Ecological implications of sorting;

– Sorting in channel-floodplain complexes;

– River measures dealing with mixed-sediment issues (e.g. sediment augmentation and dredging).

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