Chesapeake to Launch New SonarWiz in April

Chesapeake Technology, Inc., (CTI) is launching its biggest SonarWiz release since 2010 at the Ocean Business show in April. 

The new SonarWiz has a modern look, visible enhancements to all modules (sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry, and magnetometry), more integrated plan-view and 3D visualizations, and for the first time introduces bathymetry amplitude processing.

John Gann, V.P. Software Development commented, “The backscatter processing for bathymetric data is an excellent new development and took real teamwork to get out the door. Teamwork, that is from inside and outside Chesapeake, so thank you to all of our beta testing customers and sonar manufacturer partners.”

Of the developments to SonarWiz, the most obvious is its modern look. This latest version exudes a fresh look through new icons, a bright color scheme and an intuitive interface. The less visible internal redesign not only makes SonarWiz a leaner application to allow faster processing speeds, it also opens the doors for future developments.


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