News in Photos: Dredging the Boone’s Landing

Boone's Landing dredging project

Groh Dredging and Marine Construction of Wisconsin is entering the final phase of the Boone’s Landing dredging project.

So far, approximately 75% of the dredging works have been completed. The company is dredging an area 150 feet long and 100 feet wide at the boat ramp.

The work will remove 2 to 4 feet of silt and sediment from the the bottom of Big Bone Creek near mile 516 on the Ohio River that was last dredged in 2007.

Boone's Landing dredging project 2

Sediments removed from the river bottom are being left on site to dry before being spread out and reseeded throughout the park.

The project is aimed to increase safety and decrease water turbulence in the area, according to County Administrator Jeff Earlywine.

Earlywine said that the boat ramp facility was created by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1960s, and was transferred to Boone County in the 1990s. Current operators Chris and Janis Soper have operated the landing and marina as Boone’s Landing LLC since 2009.

Boone's Landing dredging project 3

Boone's Landing dredging project 4

Boone's Landing dredging project 5



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