Korea-Colombia Bilateral Cooperation on Ports

The South Korean and Colombian governments are now cooperating on developing container terminals, ports and intelligent transportation systems.

The Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries decided to conduct a business feasibility study on the Port of Buenaventura, Colombia’s second biggest harbor located on the Pacific shore.

The ministry will inspect the port and its surrounding areas to establish a master plan, part of the two countries’ bilateral cooperation on developing container terminals, the ministry announced on May 8.

The ministry signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Colombia in December 2014 agreeing to create a basic development plan for Buenaventura.

It will also establish a basic development plan, including a ground plan, measure expected environmental effects, conduct economic and financial feasibility studies and then present its policy proposals.

The ministry also intends to form a bilateral private-public working-level committee within the year and monitor the project’s progress. It will advise Colombia on how to raise capital after the building of the port and execute the harbor development plan so that Colombia’s intention to develop its harbor can actually bear fruit.

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