Proposed General Permit Process Up for Comment

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is seeking comments on proposed statewide general permit for maintenance dredging.

Maintenance dredging of navigable waterways would undergo a quicker, less expensive review as part of the proposed permit process now up for public comment through June 29, 2015.

Heidi Kennedy, statewide waterway and wetland policy coordinator, said that the ability to develop the streamlined general permit process was created by a change in waterway laws in 2012 under 2011 Wisconsin Act 167. The permit for the removal of previously dredged areas would modify an existing general permit for maintenance dredging that was created in Wis. Admin. Code NR 345.

The proposed statewide general permit also provides more flexibility for property owners to document an area of navigable waters where dredging previously occurred. The permit process ensures applicants receive a decision within 30 days. Issued permits are good for five years.