Dredger Parts Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Van der Vlist has completed a long haul multimodal transport from Turkey to Holland, moving two pump houses for a dredging vessel.

The project consisted of moving a 80t complete pump house, and three additional pieces of the second one.

Using trusted partners in Turkey the loads were firstly wrapped to protect them from the elements before they were lifted onto semi low loaders in Ankara, and taken to Derince port. In Derince they were lifted onto a Mafi trailer, where all customs were pre-arranged for a smooth RoRo shipment into Zeebrugge.

Once the pieces had arrived in Zeebrugge, the complete pump house had to be transhipped onto Barge for the final section of its journey into Holland due to its size and weight, and the parts of the second pump house were lifted to Van der Vlist’s trailers to arrive by road.

Van der Vlist