New Technology for Geelong Port

Captain Peter McGovern of the Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA) announced today that the VRCA is adopting exciting new technology that will allow larger ships with more cargo to access the Geelong Port.

Melbourne-based OMC International (OMC) developed the Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC®) system that allows ships to safely navigate channels carrying more cargo than is possible under the traditional static measurement system.

It is a computer algorithm that takes account of real-time conditions to predict whether the Geelong channel can cater for each ship’s draught, the depth of water needed to float a ship, at a given time.

Information about tides and weather is fed into the DUKC system, which calculates the available under keel clearance and advises pilots to adjust speed accordingly.

DUKC® technology minimizes the capital and maintenance costs of dredging operations and the associated environmental impact.

Bulk carriers using Geelong will be able to safely carry up to 3000 tonnes additional cargo worth millions of dollars to companies using the Port.

McGovern said that Geelong will benefit dramatically from technology that allows pilots to gauge with pinpoint accuracy the maximum load ships can carry.

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