Working Group Gets Update on Coromandel Project

At a briefing to the Coromandel Harbor Project Stakeholders Working Group this week, the Chief Executive David Hammond provided an update of the Coromandel Harbor Facilities Project.

With the project separated into two work strands – the Sugarloaf Upgrade Project and the Inner Harbor Project – the project management structure has been changed accordingly.

Mr Hammond is now the Project Sponsor of both projects (Sugarloaf Upgrade and Inner Harbor Project) while Barry Ogilvie has been contracted to project manage the Sugarloaf Wharf.

Sugarloaf Wharf Upgrade Project

Upgrading the Sugarloaf Wharf is the immediate priority in the Coromandel Harbor Project.

Coromandel Marine Farmers Association (CoroMFA) has agreed to lead the application for consent process and recently concluded a process to appoint a consent planner to support their work. The Council will continue to work closely with CoroMFA and to support the application process where appropriate.

Other major aspects to be considered in the Sugarloaf Wharf upgrade involve consultation with iwi, as well as developing options for revenue to cover capital costs and on-going maintenance.

Inner Harbor Project

The second project looks longer term at the development of facilities in the inner-harbor closer to Coromandel Town.

This project will take more time to develop and will only progress if we have support from external investment partners,” said Mr Hammond.

A business case has been drafted which assesses the viability of two preferred options within the inner harbor – a half-meter dredging of Furey’s Creek for charter boats and recreational boaties – and/or a dredged basin concept in the vicinity of the Coromandel Wharf.

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