SediCon, Statkraft Ink Dredging Deal

SediCon, a supplier of sediment handling solutions, has signed a contract with Norwegian stated owned Statkraft for the delivery of the dredging equipment to the Devoll Hydropower plant in Albania.

The Devoll River is 15km long and a 390 mill m3 reservoir. The river carries large sediment loads and the reservoir is expected to lose about 5 million m3 of its volume per year.

In order to avoid storage loss, SediCon will provide a 20” dredge capable of dredging 400m3/hour, with up to 60m dredging depth.

Early in 2014, Devoll embedded a 235m long steel pipe with a diameter of 1200mm under the dam which allows installation of a 800mm or an even larger HDPE pipe. It is therefore possible to increase the capacity up to 300%.

The Devoll Hydropower plant will increase electricity production in Albania by 17 %.

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