St. Adolphe East Dike Expansion Begins

Ron Lemieux, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection and Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, were joined last week by Mayor Jackie Hunt, of RM of Ritchot, to officially kick off the St. Adolphe East Dike Expansion project.

The Province of Manitoba has made flood protection a high priority,” said Minister Lemieux. “These projects are essential to protecting lives, and livelihoods of Manitobans. This project will ensure the community of St. Adolphe is secure, and can continue to grow and prosper economically.”

The St. Adolphe East Dike Expansion includes the reconstruction of the existing easterly portion of the St. Adolphe Flood Protection Ring Dike.

The newly expanded dike will be approximately four kilometers in length and built to accommodate a one-in-200 year flood protection level while maximizing community safety in severe flooding conditions.

Under the Building Canada Fund – Communities Component, the Government of Canada has committed up to $2,310,400, while the Province of Manitoba has committed up to $4,009,352. The RM of Ritchot will provide the remainder of the balance towards the project.

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