Nishnabotna Bend EA Available

A Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment (EA) for repairs to the Nishnabotna Bend chute in Nemaha County, Neb. is currently available for public review.

The EA evaluates the environmental impacts of repairing damages that occurred to the chute during the 2011 Missouri River flood. These repairs are needed to restore the intended habitat function of Nishnabotna Bend.

In 2004, Nishnabotna Bend was constructed between river miles 542.4-543.3 as a flow-through chute to function as shallow water habitat.

The unprecedented flood of 2011 eroded the upstream portion of the island created by the original project, allowing the river to bypass the originally constructed grade control structure near the upstream entrance of the chute.

Proposed repairs include a new grade control structure relocated farther downstream in the chute where the island has not eroded, two new stone toe revetments to stabilize the bank of the chute and the island, and repair of five existing spur dikes.

The grade control structure and spur dikes aid in slowing down water flow and decreasing depth in the chute to benefit the endangered pallid sturgeon and other native fish and wildlife without impacting the authorized purposes of the Missouri River.