IAHR World Congress Kicks Off

The 36th world congress of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) started yesterday and will last until July 3, 2015.

The congress, being held in Delft and the Hague, the Netherlands, will cover a wide range of fields related to hydro-environmental science and engineering.

This event will provide special emphasis on cross-cutting themes related to Deltas of the Future, linking hydro-environment research to engineering practice, as well as on the Blue Lines concept, reaching out to the developing world.

Being located in the delta of the Rhine-Meuse river system, the Netherlands has been dealing with issues related to flooding, land reclamation, and sustainable development for centuries already.

It is well known for its high safety level coastal protection works constructed over the past decades. But it is also preparing for dealing with future effects of population growth and climate change, by developing new concepts like the Room for the River and Building with Nature programs.