Bearskin Neck Project Completed

Repair work to the Bearskin Neck Stone Jetty in Rockport, Massachusetts, is now complete, announced the USACE’s New England District.

The work on the $3.3 million project consisted of repairing the 540-foot-long jetty that was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

The Bearskin Neck Jetty is located at the northern end of Bearskin Neck in Rockport, approximately 35 miles north of Boston and 20 miles south of the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border. The jetty extends into the ocean from the end of Bearskin Neck to the east and provides protection to Rockport Harbor.

Prior to construction, the jetty consisted primarily of 3-5 ton armor stone. The ocean side of the jetty retained its shape and authorized dimension while 400 feet of the jetty contained voids 5-feet-deep along the crest profile and voids 5-10 feet deep along the harbor side slope.

The head at the east end of the jetty was completely removed by wave action along with the U.S. Coast Guard Aid to Navigation that was mounted there.

The work included delivery and installation of 8,900 tons of 14-19 ton armor stone and 3,800 tons of 4-8 ton armor stone to repair the jetty to authorized dimensions. Repairs provided a crest width of 18 feet for the first 400 feet, widening for the next 70 feet to a fixed width of 28 feet for the last 30 feet at the head of the jetty.

Crest elevation was +18.8 feet mean lower low water (MLLW). A majority of the 18-19 ton stones were used to reconstruct the last 30 feet at the head of the jetty.

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