Tests Underway for Nigg Bay

Plans for additional harbor facilities at Nigg Bay came to life two days ago when Members of the Board visited HR Wallingfords 1/60th three dimensional model of the potential project.

The model has been developed to allow, in conjunction with complimentary 2D modelling, a series of hydraulic physical tests to be carried out, verifying the performance of the harbor’s breakwaters and quays under a range of wave conditions.

The principle aim of this work is to refine the current design and, ultimately, ensure the new facilities are safe and operational efficient.


The busy Port of Aberdeen handles around 8,000 vessel arrivals and 5 million tonnes of cargo a year. It is almost at its maximum capacity due to high levels of traffic, and the growth potential for the future is significant across several sectors.

Its unique position at the heart of the city means that there is limited capacity to handle rising vessel numbers, and the growing trend for new, larger, multi-purpose vessels in the oil and gas sector has created a demand for deep water berthing which the current facilities cannot fully support.

In light of this, and with a view to opening up the potential for new business streams such as larger cruise ships and providing significant support for the renewables sector, the Board commenced a feasibility study in 2012 into a development plan that would see the Port expand into Nigg Bay, to the south of the existing harbor.

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