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Van Oord Starts Aberdeen Work

The construction program supporting the expansion of Aberdeen Harbor into Nigg Bay has passed a significant ...

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Nigg Bay Scheme Gets OK

Start of the £350 million project, which was recently granted planning consent in the form of Marine Licenses and a ...

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Nigg Bay Consultations Underway

As part of a consenting strategy, approved principally by Transport Scotland, Aberdeen Harbor has submitted ...

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Nigg Bay PoAN Submitted

Following more than two years of consultation, and an ongoing feasibility study, Aberdeen Harbor has submitted a ...

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Tests Underway for Nigg Bay

Plans for additional harbor facilities at Nigg Bay came to life two days ago when Members of the Board visited HR ...

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Four Drilling Rigs in Nigg Bay, Aberdeen

Aberdeen Harbor said that four drilling rigs, currently located at Nigg Bay, are carrying out Site Investigation ...

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