Young CEDA: Benefits for Promising Students

Young CEDA’s Student Program at CEDA Dredging Days (5-6 November 2015, Rotterdam) is a highly successful initiative that enables promising students to attend the conference and exhibition.

Under this program, CEDA offers a considerable number of free registrations to graduate and post-graduate students for this year’s conference and exhibition.

They are granted to students who have shown great affinity with dredging technology within their studies.

The free registrations are organized and co-ordinated by Young CEDA who will contact around 15 European universities and institutions of higher professional education will be offered up to three each free registrations each.

A platform to expose ideas and get immediate feedback

Young CEDA will be hosting a session of pitch talks with the aim of creating a dynamic series of up to seven succinct presentations aligned with the overall theme of the conference.

The pitch talks will provide students and young professionals with a platform on which to present their ongoing work, expose their ideas to a broad expert audience, and get immediate feedback and inspiration.

Young people, in particular students, rarely get the chance to submit a full paper to their peers at professional conferences like CEDA Dredging Days.

This event has been organized specifically to give them the opportunity to receive peer input into their ongoing projects.