DredgeFest Set for Next Month

DredgeFest Great Lakes, an event about the human manipulation of sediments in the Great Lakes basin, will take place in Duluth and Minneapolis, Minnesota over the week of August 14-21, 2015.

It will consist of a symposium, field tours and speculative design workshops, which collectively bring together government agencies, scientists, designers, theorists, academics, corporate practitioners, industry experts, students and the public.

DredgeFest begins with dredging, the linear industrial activity of uplifting sediments and transporting them to new locations. But DredgeFest is about much more than dredging.

The current schedule is:

  • F 14 Symposium (Minneapolis);
  • S 15 Symposium (Minneapolis);
  • S 16 Public field tours (Duluth);
  • M 17 Workshop field tours;
  • T 18 Workshops (Minneapolis);
  • W 19 Workshops (Minneapolis);
  • T 20 Workshops (Minneapolis);
  • F 21 Presentation and discussion of Workshop results, Event Exhibition.

Past workshops have explored ecological and social potential of rethinking a specific form resulting from conventional dredging practices, or combining physical and digital modeling to study the effect of tidal action on alternative coastal wetland restoration proposals.

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