Research Specialist Joins MDL Team

MDL Marina Consultancy, a division of MDL Marinas, has appointed Dr. Ben Carroll to the consultancy team as Assistant Project Manager.

In his new role, Ben will be on hand to conduct geomorphology studies and advise on all matters relating to dredging, dredge licensing and general marine licensing on all of MDL’s consultancy projects.

Prior to this assignment, Ben was at the Southampton-based ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd, where he worked as a Coastal Scientist specializing in the analysis and planning of port, harbor and marina related projects with a focus on environmental and dredging studies.

Commenting on his used role, Ben said: “We have some interesting projects coming up which I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into. It’s brilliant to be working within a team that offers such expertise in marina developments and to be able to draw on their vast experience.

Ben will also carry out research and development work for the MDL team, as well as taking a project management role in some of the Consultancy projects.