SME Team Visits Savannah Port

A team from Spend Management Experts (SME), including John Haber, Paul Steiner and Brian Broadhurst, visited the Port of Savannah recently and met with several individuals from the Georgia Port Authority.

Currently, the Port of Savannah is undergoing their harbor expansion project, approved by both the EPA and US Army Corps of Engineers, which will accommodate larger cargo ships like Super Post-Panamax vessels.

The Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP) will increase the average depth to 54 feet and extend the outer harbor by 7 miles, and is estimated to take four years to complete. Additional infrastructure improvements include:

  • Construction of a new truck interchange;
  • Gate 8 (completion anticipated for 2016);
  • New ship-to-shore cranes;
  • New gantry cranes (handle containers on the terminal);
  • Cargo beltway connecting to I-95 & I-16.

All of these initiatives combine to position the Port of Savannah for growth by more than doubling its current throughput over the next 10 years.