Coromandel Harbor Plan on the Table

The expansion and development of the Sugarloaf Wharf (Te Kouma) and the development of inner harbor facilities closer to Coromandel Town are two work strands within the Coromandel Harbor Facilities Project, announced Thames-Coromandel District Council.

At the Sugarloaf we need to resolve land ownership title for reclaimed land and that will need iwi input and consultation,” said Council Chief Executive David Hammond, who is also the project sponsor.

In terms of ownership interests, both the Council and iwi have stated positions to the reclaimed land which is currently vested in the Crown as a result of the passing of the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act in 2011.

At its meeting this week Council also supported finalizing contract negotiations with the Cormandel Marine Farmers Association (CoroMFA) regarding consent application for future Sugarloaf wharf developments, along with finalizing contract negotiations regarding ownership of the wharf assets.

The proposed development at the Sugarloaf Wharf is to ensure it is fit-for-purpose for aquaculture industry expansion as well as suiting the needs of other users including recreational fishers and charter boat operators.

There is also the potential within a future expanded facility to consider accommodating the 360 Ferry from Auckland, which currently comes in at Hannaford’s Wharf.

‘Whole of harbor’ solution

The ‘Inner Harbor’ option around Coromandel Wharf could  accommodate a commercial area to the north of Coromandel Wharf and recreational and ferry usage to the south of the wharf, with a model of marina and on-shore activity to help offset development cost is potentially a longer-term project.

Council this week also resolved to continue with a ‘whole of Harbor’ solution which would include now formally seeking out potential funding partners for the Inner Harbor Development.

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