AMCS: Give the Reef Protection It Deserves

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has called on the Queensland Government to cancel the Abbot Point expansion today, following the release of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the new dredging project by Queensland State Development Minister Anthony Lynham.

Gemma Plesman, Great Barrier Reef Campaigner for AMCS said: “Over the last month we have witnessed a backlash to the Carmichael coal mine, the project driving the Abbot Point Port expansion, from international financial institutions, the Australian courts, the Australian public and the tourism industry.”

This proposal has no public mandate yet both the Queensland State and Federal Governments seem intent on fast tracking the approval of Abbot Point for the mining industry. This project would mean increased shipping, dredging 1.1 million cubic meters of seabed and the mining and burning of more coal which contributes to global warming, all that would endanger the Reef,” added Plesman.

According to AMCS, if the dredging and expansion of Abbot Point goes ahead it will harm the tourism industry that relies on a healthy Reef, supplies 69,000 jobs and brings in $6 billion for Queensland every year.