Gdansk Takes on Major Investment Program

The next 5 years at the Port of Gdansk will see the implementation of the largest ever investment program, in terms of both scope and expense.

The program initiated by the Port of Gdansk Authority and worth approximately $225 million, covering almost the entire area of the port, including the Inner and Outer Port, will be partly funded from European Union funds, with more than half to come from the budget of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA.

Some of the investment projects are already underway, such as the expansion of the intermodal container terminal at the Szczecinskie Quay.

Investment work is also in progress at the Oliwskie Quay, which will be thoroughly modernized both on land and in water. On the right bank of the port, by the Coal Pier, investment is currently ongoing to strengthen 24 hectares at the base of the basin used by the largest ships calling at the port to charge coal cargo.port deepening

These are just a few of over 100 investment projects planned for the current year. Also there are many planned investment projects for the future, like the modernization of the fairway in the Inner Port.

The project worth nearly $135 million will include reconstruction of 16 quay sections at the Inner Port with a total length of 5.8 km and the deepening of the whole port channel. The outcome of the investment will be a 90-meter-wide fairway in the Inner Port with a depth of 12 m, ensuring efficient and safe navigation between the port entrance to the turntable at Stocznia Remontowa.

Further on, in the so-called Kashubian Channel, navigation conditions will be slightly different with a track width of 75 meters and a depth of 10.8 m. Thus, in both parts of the track maximum permissible parameters of vessels will be 250 m long from the entrance of the port to the Kashubian Channel and to 190 meters in the Kashubian Channel.

These investments of the Port of Gdansk Authority are just the beginning. Another $1.9 billion will be added over the next five years by companies operating in the areas of port, such as PERN currently undertaking the construction of the oil terminal, DCT Gdansk SA which is expanding the container terminal etc.

Investments to improve access to the port from the sea are also exceptionally important and are planned by the Maritime Authority to include: the modernization of the entrance to the Inner Port in Gdansk as well as the modernization of the breakwaters at the Northern Port.

To summarize, the almost $2.2 billion of investments over the next 5 years will make the Port of Gdansk a powerful, modern and competitive European distribution center, tripling the annual cargo volume of the port.