N-KOM Successful in Repairing Dredger

One of the world’s largest suction hopper dredger, Jan de Nul’s Leiv Eiriksson, was successfully dry-docked at Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine (N-KOM) recently.

Capable of dredging up to a depth of 155m, the 78,000dwt vessel has a 46,000m3 hopper capacity and a total trailing pump power of 13,000kW.

The massive 213m long dredger underwent major repairs to its dredging valves, overflow and CPP propulsion systems, and replacement of dredging pipe with diameter of 1.3m.

Other major renewal works carried out were for its jet water pipes (24, 28 and 32-inches) and rubber lining of the hydraulic operated butterfly gate valves.

It is noteworthy that this was the second Jan de Nul dredger dry-docked at the shipyard and delivered in a safe and timely manner, following the successful repairs of J.F.J. De Nul, the world’s most powerful cutter suction dredger, back in 2014.

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