Cape Charles Dredging Set for September

Final preparations for the Cape Charles Federal Navigation Project are in full swing now, with the actual maintenance dredging work set to begin in September through December 2015.

The Cape Charles harbor is maintained to a maximum depth of -22 feet MLLW including a minimum depth of -18 feet MLLW plus -3 feet paid overdepth and -1 foot non-paid overdepth. The harbor is 1000 feet to 400 feet wide and 3,0.

The Project, an integral component of the municipal town of Cape Charles, is located in Northampton County on the Chesapeake Bay side of Virginia’s Eastern Shore peninsula.

Maintenance dredging will occur every five to seven years removing approximately 750,000 cubic yards of material each cycle.

According to the local media, dredging start date will be more like mid-September than early September, after the Labor day holiday.