Bids Opened for Whiskey Island Scheme

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The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority opened bids two days ago for the construction of the NRDA Caillou Lake Headlands restoration project.

The apparent low bidder as read is Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC with a bid of $103,176,805.

The project includes restoring the barrier shoreline along the entire length of Whiskey Island through beach and dune fill placement, utilizing an offshore sand source in Ship Shoal. It also entails restoring the marsh platform along the western half of the island.

The project is nearly five miles in length and will create approximately 900 acres of barrier island and marsh habitat. This will be accomplished by hydraulically dredging an estimated 10.4 million cubic yards of barrier island fill material.

Restoration of the island will provide a buffer to help reduce the full force and effects of wave action, saltwater intrusion, storm surge and tidal currents on associated estuaries and wetlands. It will also provide wetland habitat for a diverse number of plant and animal species.

CPRA has obtained all necessary permits and has entered into a non-competitive sand lease with the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management.

The NRDA Caillou Lake Headlands restoration project is being implemented with Deepwater Horizon NRDA Early Restoration funds. It is one of four components of the $318 million Louisiana Outer Coast Restoration Project approved as part of the third phase of early restoration in October 2014.

A construction contract for the restoration of Shell Island West, another component, was awarded to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock in June.

The remaining components include Chenier Ronquille and North Breton Island. The bid review process will begin immediately.

The contract award is anticipated to occur within the next 45 days. The current approved completion schedule for this contract is late 2017.

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