CPM Eyes New Location for Container Terminal

A relocation of the container terminal is a necessary part of the urban development of Copenhagen and the further development of Nordhavn (Northern Harbor).

Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP), who operates the container terminal in Nordhavn, will therefore investigate new options for the future location of the container terminal.

The current master plan from 2009 for the development of the Nordhavn port area in Copenhagen outlines that the present location of the container terminal in Nordhavn is not a long-term alternative.

Consequently, an investigation was initiated during the spring of 2015 to assess the options regarding a potential relocation of CMP’s container terminal.

The development plans for Nordhavn allow for a relocation of the container terminal to Ydre Nordhavn (the Outer Northern Harbor). Simultaneously, the Port of Køge has approached CMP in the same matter.

In recent years, the Port of Køge has developed its seaport and a major logistics center called Scandinavian Transport Center. This effort has created one of the fastest growing logistics and transport clusters in Denmark.

Additionally, the recent port expansion has will be creating not only new port areas but also a considerably greater water depth in the port.

The Port of Køge has approached CMP regarding a possible relocation of the future container terminal to Køge. Thus, CMP and the Port of Køge have now signed a letter of intent to explore the possibilities for future cooperation.

The investigation of such cooperation will be carried out over the next six months.

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