Oregon Inlet Dredging Resumes

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ hopper dredger Currituck has resumed operations in Oregon Inlet, The Outer Banks Voice reports.

According to the Corps’ Outer Banks Field Office team leader, Steven S. Shriver, the dredger began working 12 hours a day in the area on Monday, and is scheduled to stay until at least September 20.

The main goal of this dredging program is to stop shoaling east of the Bonner Bridge that continues to fill in the main channel of the troublesome waterway.

The Currituck will work on straightening the channel back out so boats don’t have to navigate a hard starboard turn so close to the bridge.

No definite plans have been set for when more dredging will take place once the Currituck finishes its latest turn, but the funding is in place to pay for it, according to Shriver.

There might be a short break, and then another dredger will come in,” Shriver concluded.

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