New Excavators for DEME

Early in 2015, DEC, DEME Group’s environmental subsidiary, placed an order for five hybrid excavators.

The first of these machines has just been delivered a Belgian Railways site in Gentbrugge, where DEC carries out remediation works for the account of the Belgian Railways (NMBS-SNCB).

The former train reparation workshops were completely demolished and the site is actually being deforested in order to excavate and treat afterwards the contaminated soil.

Innovative hybrid machine

DEC ordered five innovative ZH120 hybrid excavators to carry out remediation works.

The ZHL210LC-5 excavator is the first of a new generation of Hitachi excavators, and offers energy-saving performance, without having to sacrifice any power, speed or ease of operation.

Thanks to its flexible combination of a proven hydraulic motor and an electrical swing motor, the ZH210LC-5 delivers high efficiency with smooth swing control.

The TRIAS HX system reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 31 per cent.


CO2 reduction

As a specialist in the field of soil remediation, sludge treatment and groundwater purification, we will always go maximally for sustainable techniques and solutions. The use of energy efficient equipment is thus entirely in line with our business philosophy,” said Dirk Ponnet, DEC’s Managing Director.

Reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions are part of the DEME Group’s corporate objectives.

DEME wants to handle its energy consumption much more efficiently and is striving for an efficiency improvement in 2022 of 7% compared with 2011.

DEME has already achieved the highest level of 5 on the CO2 performance ladder. This ladder is an instrument that helps companies to reduce CO2.

The order for these five hybrid excavators fits nicely within the measures that DEME is taking to achieve its intended efficiency improvement.