Contract Signing for New Deepwater Terminal

The Port of Gdansk Authority SA and OT Logistics SA have signed a 30-year lease on a plot of land located in the most promising area of the Port of Gdansk – where the new deepwater transshipment terminal will be built.

This area of 26 hectares along with the adjacent Ore Pier will be the perfect place to build a professional terminal, thanks to which it will be possible not only to increase the competitiveness of OT Logistics in terms of handling agro goods, but also to ensure the Port of Gdansk terminal infrastructure for this type of cargo on a scale which currently does not exist at any other neighboring Port,” said CEO Dorota Raben.

The construction of the terminal at the Port of Gdansk will be a large-scale investment that will have an impact not only on the port and the region where it will be located, but the entire Polish economy.

CEO Raben said that the new terminal will be a great tie in with the currently observed market trends and the development strategy of the Port of Gdansk.

The consolidation of the port’s range of services with a modern professional and deepwater bulk terminal for agricultural products is a confirmation of the feasibility of the forecast included in the port’s strategy for 2027, which indicates that the next decade could bring even three times the volume of freight to Gdansk.