Wiggins Pass Dredging to Resume

Wiggins Pass Interim Channel Dredging Project is expected to resume activities next week.

The dredging operations have been on hold since September 29 when the equipment being used was affected by rough seas; the excavator on the barge fell overboard and the barge was partially submerged.

The excavator was recovered from under about 12 feet of water on Wednesday and the barge is in the process of being repaired and expected to be ready for work next week. Fortunately there were no adverse environmental impacts.

At a briefing on the dredging project yesterday afternoon, staff advised that the project is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The project which began in July is to dredge beach quality shoaled sand from two shallow spots in the channel and then be placed in the water near Barefoot Beach Preserve in the flood shoal disposal area to help stabilize the mangroves.

The Board of County Commissioners approved the dredging of 9,400 cubic yards of beach quality shoaled sand in April. A contract for $242,304 has been awarded to Quality Enterprises, the lowest qualified and responsive bidder.