Cornet Bay Marina Cleanup Completed

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The Cornet Bay Marina environmental cleanup site near Oak Harbor is ready to come off the state’s list of contaminated sites, according to a proposal by the Washington Department of Ecology.

The 1.1 acre site at 200 Cornet Bay Road underwent cleanup in 2014, followed by a year of groundwater monitoring.

Ecology has determined that the site now meets state standards for protecting public health and the environment, and is seeking public comment before removing the property from its Hazardous Sites List.

As part of the cleanup work, crews:

  • Installed a new 360-foot steel bulkhead wall adjacent to a timber bulkhead before starting upland excavation, then removed and disposed of the old bulkhead;
  • Excavated about 23,000 tons of petroleum contaminated soil for disposal, and brought in clean soil to backfill the area;
  • Temporarily relocated the marina’s small store to state park property next door during cleanup work;
  • Removed petroleum contaminated soil from a small wetland, then re-graded the area to create additional aquatic habitat as required under a federal wetland permit;
  • Collected soil and groundwater samples for a year to confirm compliance with state cleanup standards.

Ecology conducted the $4.2 million cleanup under a cost sharing plan as part of a 1993 legal agreement with the property owner.

Comments will be accepted through November 9, 2015.

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