Interview with Bell Dredging

Bell Dredging Pumps, a Dutch-based manufacturer of dredging equipment, has had a very busy 2015 so far. 

This year, the company successfully completed quite a few challenging projects worldwide, and at the same time presented its latest developments at some of the industry’s most popular events.

To get a better view of the company’s achievements, we asked all this, and much more, to Mr. Cristijn van den Biggelaar, Bell Sales Executive.

DT: Bell Dredging Pumps achieved outstanding business results in 2015. With the year now almost behind us, I’m sure our readers would like to know more about the company’s current projects/activities and will you continue this trend in 2016?

Bell: This year we managed to get two big projects. One of them is our amphibious self-propelled drilling machine. This machine will be used in shallow water drilling up to 100 meter depth.

The other big project is that by the end of this year we will supply our first Bell Cutter Suction Dredger 250 together with 1500 meter steel pipe line and a Bell 250 booster station. Actually this project is still going. The delivery date of this complete package will be mid-November. Full assembly and testing will be done here in the Netherlands.

The beautiful thing about our CSD 250 is that we will use our own Bell 250 hydraulic driven dredging pump together with our Bell 250 hydraulic driven cutter unit. If the customer does not need to use this cutter in the future but only a suction dredger, it is very easy and simple to replace the unit with our sand production head with water jet option.

Bell Cutter Suction Dredger

Being one of the biggest markets in the dredging industry, this year we turned our attention slightly to the Dutch market and will continue to do so in the future. As we see current projects and upcoming projects we know the market in the Netherlands is ready for our dredging equipment.

Last month, we also decided to approach the rental market with our dredging pumps.

All this means we will definitely continue our trend in the year 2016.

DT: This year your company participated for the first time in the INTERMAT exhibition in Paris. Can you share some insight on this?

Bell: Yes we did, we showcased our products at this very successful and important exhibition to the industry. There we met a lot of new potential customers and some of them already bought dredging equipment from us. We took the opportunity to present our Bell 200, Bell 250 dredging pump and a new amphibious Bell 336E LRA.

We also took part at the BAUMA exhibition in Johannesburg South Africa, recently. The company will be also present at the upcoming EUROPORT exhibition in Rotterdam (3 – 6 November), one of the most important exhibitions for the dredging industry.

BELL dredging pump

DT: A company in Southeast Asia recently bought BELL 200 dredging pump and 20 tons amphibious undercarriage with spud legs. The equipment is going to be used for different river dredging projects in the region. Can you tell us more about your cooperation with this company?

Bell: The company who bought the dredging equipment has a lot of development and employment in the dredging industry. As you may know due the heavy rain fall there are a lot of big flooding problems in areas of Southeast Asia. These flooding’s are the main purposes for the company to invest in new dredging equipment.

For the end, we asked Bell what are their most important goals for 2016?

Bell: Still we are very busy with settling our company in the dredging market. As you may know the dredging market is quite big. We have a lot of new opportunities and possibilities ahead especially abroad and as earlier said in the Netherlands.

In 2016 we will focus more at the Dutch market. More than we did the years before. Still the Netherlands has a big dredging industry and there are a lot of possibilities here in our country.

Further we will show the dredging industry what we are a capable to, concluded Mr. Cristijn van den Biggelaar.

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