Picture of the Day: Hydromec New Dredger

CJSC Zavod Hydromekhanizatsii (Hydromec), a Russian company specialized in the design and construction of dredging vessels, recently delivered a non-self-propelled dredger with the capacity of 700 cbm/h.

The dredger was developed under the Renovation of Service Fleet contract and is part of the Federal Targeted Program “Development of Russia’s Transport System (2010-2020)“.

Since the company was formed in 1950, Hydromec has developed a broad family of dredge designs, producing over 1350 dredgers of different classes, types and sizes.

The latest development, representing the first design of this class since the Soviet times, features a number of state-of-the-art solutions allowing for construction of high efficiency dredgers for inland waterways of Russia.