Cayman Islands Port Plan OKd

Cayman Islands Government has approved a $150 million new cruise ship port plan, reported Office of the Premier Alden McLaughlin yesterday.

According to McLaughlin, the Cabinet on Wednesday formally approved the cruise berthing facility recommendations regarding project delivery, making room for the next phase.

He acknowledged potential environmental risks associated with the project, because of the dredging of the coral and dive sites where the new port would be located.

This Government is very aware that our natural environment is integral to the viability of our tourism product. As I have said several times before, we are committed to ensuring that any berthing facility built under our watch will be done carefully and responsibly to cause the least possible environmental impact,” said Alden McLaughlin.

McLaughlin noted that once the facility is up and running, it will add about $245 million to the GDP as well as employment for about 1,000 people over the next 20 years. He also added that the next steps include discussions with the cruise lines about their participation in financing the new port project.